A few screenshots are provided here to give you a flavor, but it’s easier to download the software and run the demos (from the demos menus in each view) to see the variety of stimuli that can be generated.

PsychoPy® is one of very few packages that allows a choice of interface. Use the Coder view, for those that like to program from scratch (or just use your own editor)

The Coder view

and the Builder view for those that prefer a touch and click interface. In general we recommend even strong programmers use the Builder view, especially if you are taking experiments online, it is much faster and you will probably have better timing and fewer bugs (we use builder + Code Component to make our experiments!):

The Builder view

PsychoPy® can handle every type of stimulus you can imagine…

Images and movies of most formats:

Dynamic image of a face combined with a grating

Random dots and element arrays, drawn in realtime:

Random dot kinematograms (RDKs) Complex arrays of elements drawn in realtime

Many text options and dialog boxes:

Lot's of options for drawing Unicode text stimuli It's really easy to build dialog boxes

For more ideas about PsychoPy’s massive range of stimuli, install it, go to the Coder view and run some of the demo scripts (there’s a whole demos menu).

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