Contributing to Open Source Code

There are many ways that you can contribute to PsychoPy - even if you’re not a developer!

Improving our documentation pages is a great way to become a contributor to PsychoPy, or any other Open Source software!

For a simple step-by-step guide to correcting typos, or adding an extra paragraph to our documentation etc., click the ‘Adding Documentation’ link below!

For Developers:

The best place to discuss ideas in depth is probably the dedicated developers section of the forum

For developers the best way to use PsychoPy® is to install a version to your own copy of python (preferably 3.8 or 3.9 but we try to support a reasonable range). Make sure you have all the dependencies, including the extra suggested packages for developers.

Don’t install PsychoPy®. Instead fetch a copy of the git repository and add this to the python path using a .pth file. Other users of the computer might have their own standalone versions installed without your repository version touching them.

Happy Coding Folks!!

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