Consultancy services

We will continue offering as much technical support as possible for free via the forum as well as offering free training events. However, if you’re short on time but have spare funds, or you are seeking some specific training you can also hire bespoke support direct from the PsychoPy® team. For enquiries please contact

What can we offer?

We can be quite flexible in what we offer, but to give you an idea of what is possible:

  • Task creation - Short on time but have spare funds? Need a task creating? Our team of experts can help create a task to fit your brief.

  • Debugging assistance - Have you developed a task that needs a few tweaks you are stuck on? In general we try to offer as much support for this for free via the forum but if you want to enhance your learning via one-to-one or small group chats get in touch!

  • Small group training - If you would like a departmental workshop tailored to a broad audience (assuming beginner knowledge of PsychoPy®) we offer 3Hr sessions at a small fee of £100 per session. Alternatively, if you and your lab group would like to learn about specific aspects of PsychoPy® (for example learn how to create a specific type of task), we can tailor something for you.


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