Consultancy Services

Short on time but have spare funds? Our team of Scientists can help to:

  • Create a task given a brief.

  • Debug existing tasks.

  • Create one-to-one tutorials and training.

  • Organise departmental workshops and training.

We’ve helped many researchers to create and debug experiments, as well as delivered bespoke tutorials.

If there’s something you’d like us to do for you, just get in touch!

Consultancy services
Universities/charities Commercial/businesses
Support cost per hour £70 £105
Senior staff support cost per hour £140 £210

Click here to make a request for support!

Support packages

If you would like to purchase a package for support from our team for your department, then you can do so as part of your Pavlovia licence. If you would like something similar that is not listed then get in touch!

PsychoPy Pavlovia Licence Pavlovia Licence + Workshops Pavlovia Licence + Workshops + Clinic
Community support via our forum
Unlimited accounts on for your institute ℹ️ A licence allows you to have an unlimited number of researchers
Unlimited number of experiments hosted on ℹ️ A licence allows every researcher to host as many experiments as they like!
3 x 1-hour virtual workshops ℹ️ Your Licence manager can schedule 3 x 1 hour virtual workshops, that will be hosted on Zoom. The workshops will introduce you to the basics of how to make an experiment in PsychoPy and how to launch your study on
Recording of workshops for departmental use ℹ️ A recording of the 3 x 1 hour workshops will be shared with your department to use as a teaching resource.
40 weeks of 1-hour 'PsychoPy Clinic' sessions ℹ️ Clinic hours will be bookable with our team on a first come first served basis. We set aside hours agreed with your Licence Manager (e.g. every Wednesday 9 - 10am from dd/mm to dd/mm). Hourly usage per account user will be monitored and reported to the licence manager. We reserve the right to not guarantee a solution to all issues raised within clinic sessions (but we will always try our best to resolve most issues!).
Price per 12 months
Free £1800 £2000 £5000

Please note that if you are from a VAT paying country, you will need to add VAT to the prices listed

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