Context manager for Framebuffer Object bindings. This function yields the framebuffer name as an integer.

:param fbo int or Framebuffer: OpenGL Framebuffer Object name/ID or descriptor.


int – OpenGL name of the framebuffer bound in the context.


Using a framebuffer context manager:

# FBO bound somewhere deep in our code
GL.glBindFramebuffer(GL.GL_FRAMEBUFFER, someOtherFBO)


# create a new FBO, but we have no idea what the currently bound FBO is
fbo = createFBO()

# use a context to bind attachments
with bindFBO(fbo):
    attach(GL.GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0, colorTex)
    attach(GL.GL_DEPTH_ATTACHMENT, depthRb)
    attach(GL.GL_STENCIL_ATTACHMENT, depthRb)
    isComplete = gltools.isComplete()

# someOtherFBO is still bound!

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