psychopy.iohub - ioHub event monitoring framework

ioHub monitors for device events in parallel with the PsychoPy experiment execution by running in a separate process than the main PsychoPy script. This means, for instance, that keyboard and mouse event timing is not quantized by the rate at which the window.flip() method is called.

ioHub reports device events to the PsychoPy experiment runtime as they occur. Optionally, events can be saved to a HDF5 file.

All iohub events are timestamped using the PsychoPy global time base (psychopy.core.getTime()). Events can be accessed as a device independent event stream, or from a specific device of interest.

A comprehensive set of examples that each use at least one of the iohub devices is available in the psychopy/demos/coder/iohub folder.

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