4510: Eyetracker not calibrated


The experiment is set up to use an eye tracker, but there is no calibration routine in the experiment flow.


In order to get accurate readings, an eye tracker needs to know what points on the screen correspond to what eye movements. It learns this during a “calibration” routine - in which the participant looks at different points on the screen whose positions are known to the eye tracker. While an eyetracker can sometimes guess, readings will be much more accurate if the eyetracker has been calibrated.

PsychoPy versions affected



Either set the Eyetracker setting in Experiment Settings to be None (no eye tracking) or MouseGaze (use the mouse as if it were an eye tracker) so that no calibration is needed, or add a calibration routine to the experiment flow. You can find the button to create a calibration routine in the Eyetracking section of the Components panel and can add it to the flow via the Add Routine button.

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