4315: Invalid dollar sign syntax.


This alert is received when a dollar sign has been used incorrectly in a stimulus parameter.


By putting a dollar sign at the beginning of a parameter value, you can indicate that the parameter should be interpreted as code rather than as a string. However, a dollar sign should not appear anywhere else in the parameter value, unless it is either: - After a # when the parameter is interpreted as code (meaning it will be commented out) - Immediately after a ``, an escape character (escaped dollar signs are only valid when the parameter is not interpreted as code, or within quotation marks if it is)

PsychoPy versions affected



If the dollar sign is a part of a string, you should add an escape character (`) immediately before it. If it is supposed to be in a comment, it must appear after a `#. Otherwise, remove any dollar signs which are not at the very beginning of the value.

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