4051: Experiment from future version


It looks like you’re trying to open an experiment built in a newer version of PsychoPy than you currently have installed. This can cause problems, your experiment may run differently to how you expect or may not run at all.


Between different version of PsychoPy, we make a number of changes to improve usability and performance, but which mean that newer experiments may contain code which older versions do not know how to handle. We always try to maintain “backwards compatibility” - so that experiments built in older versions run the same in newer versions. However, we cannot predict what changes we will make years down the line, so cannot guarantee “forwards compatibility” in the same way. This means that experiments built on newer versions of PsychoPy may run differently on older versions, or may not run at all.

PsychoPy versions affected



To fix this, we recommend updating to the newest version of PsychoPy. Or, if you need an older version for other reasons, you can set this specific experiment to run in a different version by changing the “Use Version” parameter in Experiment Settings to the version it was created in (or a newer version).

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