PsychoPy® is largely developed by volunteers. If you see those contributors at a conference do pat them on the back and say thanks. And if you need a (paid) consultant on your project then the people listed on this page would be good candidates!


PsychoPy® was initially created and maintained by Jon Peirce but has many contributors to the code. For a full list you can see the contributions on but some notable contributors are:

Michael MacAskill, Richard Höchenberger, David Bridges, Jeremy Gray, Sol Simpson, Jonas Lindeløv, Hiroyuki Sogo, Yaroslav Halchenko, Erik Kastman, William Hogman, Ilixa Ltd.

You can see details of contributions on and there’s a (rather out of date) visualisation of PsychoPy’s development history on youtube.

If you need substantial support from anyone in that team you may be able to hire them as consultants on your project.

The logic and core of the library and application (including the Builder view) were Jon’s creation.

Jeremy Gray added many features (including audio recording and the Rating Scale)

Sol Simpson wrote ioHub (the most advanced Python library for eye-tracking and precise hardware interfacing). If you need support for some advanced Python code especially in the field of hardware and eyetracking you might want to chat with Sol.

Ilixa Ltd. wrote the new PsychoJS library with funding from Wellcome Trust. PsychoJS will allow PsychoPy® Builder experiments to be launched online, and Ilixa have done a wonderful job of creating the JavaScript equivalent of the original PsychoPy® Python library. If you need a science programmer, then Ilixa Ltd. come with Jon’s personal recommendation.

PsychoPy® also stands on top of a large number of other developers’ work. It wouldn’t be possible to write this package without the preceding work of those that wrote the dependencies

Support and training providers

Software projects aren’t just about code. A great deal of work is done by the community in terms of supporting each other.

You can see the most active posters on the user forum and those answering PsychoPy questions on StackOverflow here but notable examples that have done a fantastic job of supporting users:

  • Mike MacAskill (New Zealand)

  • Jonas Lindeløv (Denmark)

  • Richard Höchenberger (Germany)

  • Wakefield-Morys Carter (UK)

If you need PsychoPy/Python workshop then these might be good people to contact (according to where you are) but please understand that we need to charge for running workshops because it takes us away form our “day jobs”


We are very grateful to the Welcome Trust for their generous funding 2018-2020.

The PsychoPy® project has also attracted small grants from the following organisations:

Jon is paid by The University of Nottingham (which allows him to spend time on this) and his previous grants from the BBSRC and Wellcome Trust have also helped the development of PsychoPy®.

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