Text Component

This component can be used to present text to the participant, either instructions or stimuli.

name : string
Everything in a PsychoPy experiment needs a unique name. The name should contain only letters, numbers and underscores (no punctuation marks or spaces).
start :
The time that the stimulus should first appear. See Defining the onset/duration of components for details.
stop :
The duration for which the stimulus is presented. See Defining the onset/duration of components for details.
color :
See Color spaces
color space : rgb, dkl or lms
See Color spaces
ori : degrees
The orientation of the stimulus in degrees.
pos : [X,Y]
The position of the centre of the stimulus, in the units specified by the stimulus or window
height : integer or float
The height of the characters in the given units of the stimulus/window. Note that nearly all actual letters will occupy a smaller space than this, depending on font, character, presence of accents etc. The width of the letters is determined by the aspect ratio of the font.
units : deg, cm, pix, norm, or inherit from window
See Units for the window and stimuli
opacity :
Vary the transparency, from 0.0 = invisible to 1.0 = opaque
flip :
Whether to mirror-reverse the text: ‘horiz’ for left-right mirroring, ‘vert’ for up-down mirroring. The flip can be set dynamically on a per-frame basis by using a variable, e.g., $mirror, as defined in a code component or conditions file and set to either ‘horiz’ or ‘vert’.

See also

API reference for TextStim

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