Source code for pyxid2

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from .pyxid_impl import *  # noqa

[docs]def get_xid_devices(): """ Returns a list of all Xid devices connected to your computer. """ devices = [] scanner = XidScanner() for i in range(scanner.device_count()): com = scanner.device_at_index(i) device = XidDevice(com) device.reset_base_timer() device.reset_rt_timer() devices.append(device) return devices
[docs]def get_xid_device(device_number): """ returns device at a given index. Raises ValueError if the device at the passed in index doesn't exist. """ scanner = XidScanner() com = scanner.device_at_index(device_number) return XidDevice(com)
def test_event_loop(devices): for d in devices: d.reset_base_timer() d.reset_rt_timer() while True: for d in devices: if d.is_response_device(): d.poll_for_response() if d.response_queue_size() > 0: print(d.device_name, d.get_next_response())

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