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labjacks (USB I/O devices)

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joystick (pyglet and pygame)

AT THE MOMENT JOYSTICK DOES NOT APPEAR TO WORK UNDER PYGLET. We need someone motivated and capable to go and get this right (problem is with event polling under pyglet)

Control joysticks and gamepads from within PsychoPy.

You do need a window (and you need to be flipping it) for the joystick to be updated.

Known issues:
  • currently under pyglet the joystick axes initialise to a value of zero and stay like this until the first time that axis moves
  • currently pygame (1.9.1) spits out lots of debug messages about the joystick and these can’t be turned off :-/

Typical usage:

from psychopy.hardware import joystick
from psychopy import visual

joystick.backend='pyglet'  # must match the Window
win = visual.Window([400,400], winType='pyglet')

nJoys = joystick.getNumJoysticks()  # to check if we have any
id = 0
joy = joystick.Joystick(id)  # id must be <= nJoys - 1

nAxes = joy.getNumAxes()  # for interest
while True:  # while presenting stimuli
    # ...
    win.flip()  # flipping implicitly updates the joystick info

Return a count of the number of joysticks available.

class psychopy.hardware.joystick.Joystick(id)

An object to control a multi-axis joystick or gamepad.

Known issues:Currently under pyglet backends the axis values initialise to zero rather than reading the current true value. This gets fixed on the first change to each axis.

Get a list of all current axis values.


Get the state of all buttons as a list.


Get the current values of all available hats as a list of tuples.

Each value is a tuple (x, y) where x and y can be -1, 0, +1


Get the value of an axis by an integer id.

(from 0 to number of axes - 1)


Get the state of a given button.

buttonId should be a value from 0 to the number of buttons-1


Get the position of a particular hat.

The position returned is an (x, y) tuple where x and y can be -1, 0 or +1


Return the manufacturer-defined name describing the device.


Return the number of joystick axes found.


Return the number of digital buttons on the device.


Get the number of hats on this joystick.


Return the X axis value (equivalent to joystick.getAxis(0)).


Return the Y axis value (equivalent to joystick.getAxis(1)).


Return the Z axis value (equivalent to joystick.getAxis(2)).